The Freedom Tower

A Chronological Series

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On July 4th 2004, a 20-ton cornerstone of Adirondack granite was placed at the northwest corner of Ground Zero, symbolizing the rebirth of lower Manhattan and the revitilization of the American sprit. In a ceremony that morning, speakers praised the building of this new skyscraper and its special meaning while they reflected upon the stone's inscription, "To honor and remember those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001 and as a tribute to the enduring spirit of freedom -- July Fourth 2004."

When completed, the Freedom Tower will stand 1776 feet high, once again establishing New York as the skyscraper capital of the world, never forgetting our past, but waiting and watching as a new symbol of American pride rises into the sky.

On these pages, we will be providing continous photos of the Freedom Tower's construction, same as this author had done with the building of the Twin Towers some forty years earlier (see Wall of Remembrance).

As the months (and years pass), we invite you to watch as the construction of the Freedom Tower progresses to its full height claiming the status of the tallest building in the world. Please feel free to view our photo progression and watch history unfold.

Construction Begins - July 4, 2004

Photo taken from the southeast corner of the World Trade Center site.
Verizon Building, left and 7 World Trade Center, right (under construction
and first of the Trade Center buildings to be rebuilt)

Location where the Freedom Tower is to rise in front of Verizon Building
(black & white block)

Map of former WTC site (Ground Zero) and the location of the Freedom Tower

Freedom Tower will be located at the northwest corner, between the former WTC North Tower and the Verizon Building.
Dotted squares denote former WTC buildings.
Pictures above were taken at 'A' (southeast corner). Pictures below were taken at 'B' (northwest corner)

The Laying of the Cornerstone - July 4, 2004

Cornerstone - see arrow directly above

Enlarged view of the cornerstone

Construction Continues